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Staff Directory

David Fennelly

Gary Poirrier

Frank Morton

Mario Muñoz

Mike Marshall
Senior VP of Operations

Brad Chauvin
VP of Vessel Operations

John Garner
VP of Facility Operations

Dawn Lopez
VP of Marketing & Public Relations

Shawn Dauzat
Port Captain

Jason Pitre
Port Captain


Mark Pisani
VP of Human Resources


Bob Mueller
VP of Compliance,
Regulatory & Governmental Affairs

Placito Miceli
Risk Manager

Mike Breslin
Safety and Compliance Manager

Stacey Migliore
Purchasing Manager


Reece Wilson
Claims & Risk Analyst

Virginia Overall
Personnel Manager


Gina LeBlanc
Personnel Manager

Ronald Breaux
Director of Vessel Maintenance



Jim Buky
Senior VP Sales & Logistics

Matt Hayden
Vice President of Sales & Customer Service



Gena Wilson (Chief Dispatcher)

Donna Bourg

Travon Griffin

Katie Lepine

Yareal Picquet



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