Safety Culture

The single most important safety asset is the Turn Services team member.

All Turn Service team members, regardless of how new or inexperienced, are empowered with Stop Work Authority from day one and have not only the right but more importantly the obligation to act at any time an unsafe condition exists.

This empowerment is supported and fostered through a robust training program that begins as a new hire and continues throughout a team member’s employment with Turn Services. Our safety philosophy is embodied in what we refer to as Destination Zero. Destination Zero is our comprehensive training and safety management program. This training is tailored to meet the specific risks associated with the activities each member of the Turn Services team is assigned. Confined space entry, fall arrest protection, firefighting, basic first aid, industrial truck and crane operations, wheelhouse proficiency training and man overboard response and prevention are just a few examples of routine training conducted by Turn Services to ensure the safety of our personnel as we strive to reach Destination Zero. 

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Safety is our number one priority, and we approach every business decision by first asking, “What are the safety and environmental considerations?” In this way, we ensure that safety plays a leading role in all of our operations at all times.

We have created a progressive safety management program that emphasizes the continuous improvement of our safe operations. Every employee is required to follow the strict guidelines of this program. In addition, we provide specialized training, continuing education and conduct monthly emergency drills on our boats and at our facilities.

Destination Zero

Our strong focus on safety is exemplified in Turn Services Destination Zero program. This innovative training and safety management program helps us achieve our goals of Zero Incidents, Zero Injuries and Zero Harm to the environment.

By focusing on these three core elements, Turn Services seeks to provide a workplace free from recognized hazards. We live in the same communities that we have operations. We know that the most important resource we have is the environment and community that allows Turn Services to be successful day in and day out. It is our commitment to our people and our customers that drives our decision making.

Zero Incidents represents our goal to do no damage to our customer’s or our own equipment. Providing the best tools and training to our team helps us to achieve this goal. Working safe and using best practices and policies allows Turn Services to take care of the cargo we are entrusted with.

Zero Injuries is our pledge to keep each of our team members safe at all times. Safety is our focus and priority always. With a well-experienced group of leaders in our wheelhouses and a committed safety team in the office, we renew our commitment to this goal each time we push off the dock or step onto the tow.

Zero Harm means that we recognize our responsibility to the communities that we work with to keep our waterways clean and pollution-free. We want to leave a positive footprint in our environment, improving the lives of our team and their families that live on the other side of the levee. We keep this promise to them by making sure we manage our environmental impact at all turns and keep our focus on protecting our waterways.