Vessel Services

Towing Services

We provide towing at all of our full-service fleets and on the Lower Mississippi River from Baton Rouge to Myrtle Grove. Our geographical footprint also includes towing services along the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway from Texas to Florida.

Shifting and Tug Services

We provide tug assist services for vessels delivering barges into our fleets. We provide redelivery services to area fleets and terminals in the vicinity of our locations. We also shift to and from midstream berths within our fleets and to local grain elevators.


Turn Services is the leading fleet operator and provider of fleet-related services on the Lower Mississippi River. We operate full-service fleets in the Baton Rouge/Myrtle Grove corridor. We operate a 195-barge capacity sparred fleet at Myrtle Grove (mile 57 AHP); a 136-barge capacity shore wire fleet on the Eastbank and a 231-barge capacity sparred fleet on the Westbank at Meraux (mile 86.5 AHP), and a 146-barge capacity fleet at Dockside on the Westbank (mile 91.5 AHP), a 64-barge capacity fleet on the Eastbank (mile 90.0 AHP), and a 250-barge capacity fleet at Bayou Fleet (mile 125). We also operate our Michoud facility in Michoud Canal (mile 15) behind the industrial locks and at La Porte Fleet (mile 29) near Houston, Texas.

In addition, Turn Services operates full-service fleets for our customers at Carlisle (mile 61.5-right and left descending banks), Impala Fleeting Burnside (mile 167 right descending bank), and a number of other locations.

Launch Services

We own and operate a fleet of launch service boats. Our boats operate from the Chalmette Slip servicing Meraux Fleet, Violet and the Port of St. Bernard; in Convent servicing midstream operations and at Myrtle Grove Fleet servicing Associated Terminals’ MGMT and midstream operations.

The company has built new crew boats that are uniform in nature which enhance both operational efficiencies and safety. All of the new crew boats offer room for 30 passengers in the wheelhouse. Four are 45-foot boats that allow the company to carry supplies, service our stevedoring partner and provide third-party services.

Terminal Services

We provide services at terminals and transfer facilities on the Lower Mississippi River. Through these operations, we are able to reduce downtime at those facilities and turn-around time on the barges.