At Turn Services, we strive to recognize our team members for their outstanding contributions in the best possible ways. Today, we extend sincere congratulations as Lloyd Trosclair celebrates his ten-year work anniversary with Turn Services. Join us in commemorating this milestone by delving into the past decade of Lloyd’s career and achievements!

About ten years ago, Lloyd, a West Bank native, received positive impressions of the maritime industry through word of mouth. At that time, his cousin, Captain Scott Keiser, was employed by Turn Services. Despite lacking prior knowledge of the maritime industry, Lloyd started as a deckhand and diligently worked his way up.

After dedicated service as a deckhand, advancing to the role of first mate, Lloyd decided to explore new opportunities and continue advancing in the maritime realm. Today, he holds the position of our official Safety and Training Specialist. Lloyd divides his time between working on boats and in the office. On boats, he collaborates with the team, identifying best practices, emphasizing safety, and ensuring optimal efficiency. Overall, he plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety and efficiency of our boats and teams. Given that safety is our top priority, we are grateful for Lloyd’s daily contributions!

Throughout his tenure at Turn, Lloyd has achieved significant milestones, including receiving recognition in 2023 at the Inland Marine Expo with the “40 Under 40” award. This accolade acknowledges individuals for their exceptional contributions to various fields within the inland marine transportation industry.

Reflecting on his career with Turn Services, Lloyd fondly recalls achieving the rank of first mate and obtaining his MMC license. Despite numerous accomplishments, Lloyd acknowledges facing challenges during his transition from the deck to the office. “Transferring from the deck to the office was a big change,” said Lloyd. “I wasn’t used to the business or computer side of things. I had to learn new programs and talk to so many new people.” Despite these challenges, he values the skills he has acquired, both technologically and verbally. Additionally, Lloyd emphasizes how his role has allowed him to grow as a leader, taking pride in being a reliable source of support and leadership for others.

Beyond his professional life, Lloyd is a devoted family man, enjoying quality time with his daughter, Roxanne, during his free hours. His hobbies include supporting the New Orleans Saints, hunting, and, above all, fishing!

When asked about his main takeaway from his decade-long journey at Turn, Lloyd highlights the familial culture he has experienced. “I’ve always felt welcome at Turn, even when I had no experience. The company is very family-oriented, and even those in higher positions treat you as family,” explained Lloyd.

“At Turn, everyone you work with feels like family rather than coworkers. I still call people I worked with years ago on a regular basis. Working in maritime has been my favorite job I’ve ever had because of all the love I feel out here; we all take care of each other,” Lloyd shares as he reflects on his meaningful experience.

Congratulations Lloyd, thank you for all you do! Here’s to you! 

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