At Turn Services, we recognize our success is all thanks to our hard-working employees. At the center of our team’s success is our leaders out on the water. Therefore, every month since September, we have been “catching up” with one of our Captains. In case you missed out, here’s our special Captain spotlights from this fall!  

Captain Hardy Bowie, also known as “Blue,” has been part of that success for the past five years as a member of our team. While Blue has spent 5 years captaining his vessel “Barbaro” here at Turn, he has worked in the maritime industry for 26 years. Outside of work, you can find Blue enjoying his time coaching both football and basketball. When asked what Blue enjoys most about his career, he shares that he is grateful he gets to run the boat, “I love what I do for a living,” he said.  
Blue pays respect to Captain Kim Langford for helping him find his start working the river as Captain Kim had taken in Blue as a deckhand and showed him the ropes of running a boat. With over two decades of experience as a Captain, Blue shares that his most valuable advice to new hires is that “even if something isn’t easy, it can be done.” 

Our next Captain Spotlight was Captain Mike Provenzano Jr! Captain Mike has been working at Turn Services for almost 10 years now and we are lucky to have him on our team. He had begun his maritime career with Turn Services after being referred by a friend and was curious about the opportunity. Mike then worked his way up to becoming a Captain and has been captaining his vessel the “American Pharoah” for close to 5 years now. Outside of work you can find him enjoying his hobbies of fishing, recreational off-roading, and traveling.  

Mike explains that some of the highlights of his career include the “experience of tow boating, the camaraderie, and navigating the waterways.” In addition, he adds that “many people on both the deck and within the wheelhouse have inspired me in my journey so far and still today. With years of experience as a Captain, Mike’s advice to young hires is to “give to the industry what you would like to get out of it,” and to always “keep a positive attitude!” 

During the month of November, the captain we are catching up with is Captain Adam Stewart! Captain Adam has been in the maritime industry for 40 years and has been working as a captain for 35 years. We have been lucky to have Adam as a part of our team since 2005… almost 19 years! “It has been a steady job throughout the years,” says Adam. 

Adam pays homage to his father, who had worked on the river and introduced him to the industry. His father has since been his greatest mentor throughout his career. Something you may not know about Captain Adam is that he has a knack for wood carving! 

We are so lucky to employ such dedicated and skilled leaders such as Blu, Mike, and Adam. We appreciate each of our Captains and team members and cannot wait to extend the captain spotlight to more of our awesome Captains in the following months! 

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