At Turn Services, we are proud to say we put our employees first. We are continuously committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our team members, as well as their families, and our surrounding community. We recognize that without the work of our excellent team every day, our success in this industry would not be possible. 

That said, every year Turn Services is thrilled to award a $2,000 scholarship to dependents of our team members. We call it the “One Good Turn” scholarship.  

We have had the pleasure of reviewing all our applicants’ resumes, essays, recommendation letters, and transcripts. By reading their personal applications and learning about them and all their achievements, it brings us much joy to award this scholarship to these students as they embark on their college education at esteemed universities. It is with utmost joy that we congratulate our recipients, who have earned this scholarship due to their hard work thus far.  

This year we are happy to congratulate Kaitlyn Camus, Sophia Lebouef, and Ella Paretti on earning this scholarship for the upcoming 2023/2024 school year. 

Kaitlyn Camus, the daughter of Scott Camus, will use the scholarship to further her growth at LSU Health New Orleans Campus’ School of Dentistry—one of the finest dentistry schools in the nation! Kaitlyn is excited to earn her Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry at LSUSD and help the world smile brightly.  

Sophia LeBouef, the daughter of Robert Lebouef, will continue her Neuroscience degree at the Tulane University Honors College. Sophia interned for Dr. Swan, a Cardiothoracic surgeon, which further inspired her to pursue her dream as a neurosurgeon. Sophia is an active member of the Tulane and New Orleans community, as she frequently enjoys local music and food and takes part in many local service projects.  

Ella Paretti, Louis Paretti’s daughter, will begin her first semester at Louisiana State University where she will pursue a career in Arts and Sculpture. Ella has both a talent and a passion for special FX makeup and design. She is an avid creator, and we are excited to support her in following her dreams.  

We are overjoyed to award this scholarship to these deserving students who are pictured below. We cannot wait to see all you accomplish, one good turn at a time! For all employees with a child interested in going to college in the coming years, make sure they do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity! 

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