February 8th marks the fifteenth work anniversary of Captain Michael Mier! We are ecstatic to celebrate this milestone with Captain Mike—please join us in congratulating him by reading this article about his career with us! 

Mike began his career when he entered the maritime industry in 1977 and has been running boats for 45 years to date. While Captain Mike has led a long and successful career for decades, he began working for Turn Services in 2009. Today he works as the lead captain of the War Admiral. 

Throughout his years with Turn, Captain Mike finds it difficult to pick out just one special moment, but he appreciates the responsibilities that have come along with his job, “this work keeps me busy, and keeps my mind sharp!” 

Another highlight of his job, according to Mike, is undoubtedly the people. “I’ve met some great guys out here. There are plenty of people I have worked with on the same boat for 10 years, and there is something to be said about that. Few teams stick together that long,” said Mike. Overall, he says he appreciates everyone he has worked with at Turn. 

When reflecting, Mike says the most valued skill he has continually developed at Turn is leadership. In fact, when we asked Captain Donald J. Kenner III, better known as JoJo, he said Captain Mike was one of the most influential mentors in his career. 

Captain Mike shares that throughout his time at Turn Services, he has learned to work with cranes and plenty of different types of commodities and cargos. Further, he shares the fleets have doubled in size since he had begun his time at Turn, being the biggest change he has witnessed at the company. Other changes and challenges he has faced during his career have included hurricanes and fires, yet the company has always persevered. 

Outside of work, Mike lives on his farm with both cows and chickens! He shares that he is a simple guy, who “likes to laugh and joke with everybody.” Outside of work, Mike is a proud family man, and dedicates most of his time outside of work to his three children and his six grandchildren. He plans to work for a few more years and then retire with Turn Services!

Captain Mike shares his advice for young hires in the industry is that “this job is the closest thing to economy proof. If we stop working, the world stops… what we do makes the world turn!”

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