Veronica  Zingarelli has joined Turn Services as a Training Assistant in the Compliance Department working under Vice President Paul Dittman and Senior Vice President Bob Mueller. 

“Veronica has positively impacted Turn Services in her short time with the company. The efficiencies she has built into our training and compliance tracking systems were highlighted recently during a high visibility external customer audit of our Safety Management System,” stated Capt. Paul Dittman. “Her processes garnered great praise from both the audit team and the senior customer representatives in attendance leaving them with a very positive first impression of our company and its commitment to operational excellence.  We are very fortunate to have her on the “Turn Team.”

Veronica stated, “I keep everyone’s training records up-to-date and schedule employee training with 3rd party instructors. It is great to be part of a vibrant and growing industry. I have already had the chance to implement our first online training, and I will continue to make Turn Services’ already strong training program even more efficient with tech-based solutions.

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